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This afternoon, I managed to send my Dad off to his wife.  Eight years ago when she passed away, my Dad and I sent her off in very simple way.

This time I followed the same procedure and I feel very relieved.  As shown in my blog entry  8 years ago, my Dad who lost family members one after another when he was a teen ager, wanted simple good bye.

My parents had been  all prepared for their final events and thus, I had nice photo of him (left) and the graveyard reserved for two of them in Yokohama.

I was the only family member who accompanied him to the funeral home.

Now he is with his loved one, his wife and I am sure they are happy reuniting.

I still have quite a few things to take care of, but I am very happy that he is now at better place. (I see the cloud in the sky and feel that he is looking over me.)

Ghost on the featured photo is what I gave him for Halloween and he had it on the door of his unit.

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