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As  I realized we are just about the end of March, I rushed to look for clothes, sheets, etc. I can send to the NPO.  I sent quite a few things last year when I did massive clean/disposing of things I do not need any more.  I received the flyer from NPO regarding what items they are accepting now and the deadline (end of Mach to be delivered), and rushed to make two big bags.  They have detailed instructions regarding how we should pack and send (no boxes), I put them in double garbage bags and paper bags tied with strings.  As I was looking for clothes, I realize that many clothes I now use very often are those I found at Reuse center in Whistler, British Columbia.–jeans, sports jacket, et. etc.

I am also in the process of sending books I do not need any more to the book recycle place.  My ambition is to read all the books before I send them.  I have just started and thus may take a while before I can send them off.  (In fact, I have received several books by the authors/translators which I want to read first.  In addition, I have bought some on kindle form as well.  Now that I know how to make the best use of audio books (listen to it before I go to bed at night), I hope I am in better shape.

Reading/listening to books is such a luxury and great way to expand our horizon.  It also keep us alert, updated and exposed to new discoveries.  (I find many people who have great ideas and who take actions to change the status quo read many books to keep their stock of new knowledge constantly updated.)  I have a long way to go, but the habit of reading/listening is quite critical, I find.

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