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Today, (Sunday, March 9) and two days ago (Friday, March 7), I ran seminar/workshop with high school students.  The one on Friday was with those from Tohoku area under the Tomodachi Beyond Tomorrow Global Leadership Academy held in Tokyo and the one today was for Overseas Challenge School in Kumamoto.

I discussed what Global Agenda are and why it is important for us to think about them on Friday. This  is the second time I got involved with the Tomodachi Beyond Tomorrow Global Leadership Academy.  We talked about various issues such as climate change, food problem, poverty etc. as examples of Global Agenda and focused on Natural disasters.  I conducted the session both in Japanese and in English.  It is always so much fun to interact with high school students.  There were a  few that participated in the last year’s program, too.

IMG_20140309_13374110Today’s seminar was the first attempt for high school students in Kumamoto.  It seems more schools are interested in exposing students, teachers and parents to the opportunities overseas and as a part of the school program, I gave a talk.  Students seemed to be  a bit nervous not knowing what I would do! (unlike Tomodachi group who must have heard of the program last year!)  I talked in Japanese for the main part.  As we were able to access internet from the hall, I showed ustream video of KMD Forum(but forgot about the sound!) to give them a bit of flavor of my “Fly with me” talk.

IMG_20140309_133803812At the end, the student representative made a very nice remarks and I responded by encouraging them to create the better world and better future in English.  Whenever I have a chance to interact with young generation such as high school students, I feel very encouraged and want to convey the message that there are so many things they can do, no matter where they are!

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