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It is now mid March (spring!) though it seems winter is back in Tokyo as well as on the US east coast these few days. Here is information on seminars/workshop/panel I am involved for the rest of March and early April. These are the ones in English (or with English translation.)
This Thursday, March 16, Asian University of Women Fund Raising event is to be held at the Tokyo American Club. I plan to come (I already bought ticket!) though I will be late due to the commitment to attend another meeting before this event. There are still some space left, so check it out here.
Friday, March 24 is the day of #46 of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series. It is to be held at Dow Chemical Japan on the topic of “What if you encounter major changes such as merger/acquisition of your company?”
As many unthinkable events have happened lately, we need to be prepared to encounter and embrace change and transformations. Mergers and acquisitions as well as disruption of industries have become new normal. It helps for us to think “What if?” questions. #46 will offer great opportunities to discuss these issues in “informal” “casual” atmosphere. Details and registration is here. 
On April 12, I will participate in the panel “Say Sayonara to long work hours” at the Japan Society in New York. This is the rescheduled event which was originally scheduled for February 9, but canceled due to the heavy snow. Though the biggest storm and blizzard is forecast for the US east coast now, I hope by mid April, spring will be there!
There are a few other events these few weeks only in Japanese, but if you are interested, you can check my blog in Japanese here.

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