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This afternoon (August 29), I gave a talk for the global HR and diversity promotion joint conference of Business Research Institute.  It was held at Meiji Memorial Hall which seems to be busy with weddings etc.)  The title of my talk  was “100-year life and AI: What should HR person do to continue?)

I discussed the world i 2018, Business Environment for job and employment, Where does Japan stand?, followed by solutions (outline).  I ended up with the focus on HR individuals.

I forgot to engage the audience from the beginning and talked for over one hour one way.  I wish I could have noticed the need to engage audience from the beginning, and did so.

As we have many more to come.  I am sure that we will have as exciting match as possible.

Discussion that followed my talk was very lively and the report back from selective groups were fun to listen to.  I trust this type of exercise is easy to develop by HR person when they go back to their “business as usuaul.

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