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This afternoon, I gave a talk on diversity management.  These days, the “in” topics for the seminar I am asked to give are “global leader” and “diversity.”   In fact, I had a discussion on diversity at one of the major Japanese companies last week.

Probably because of the topic, close to half of the audience (there were over 100, I believe) were women, unlike other  seminars on management.  So the scene was a bit different from typical scene at the seminar of  “all men in gray”!

I began with the question to engage the audience as always. As few people responded, I went around and called on people.  I always wonder why people do not express their view, because they do when I call on them.  They have something to say, but are they not willing to share?

I tried to keep the talk lively and did not quite follow the outline already handed out.  I asked them to think of the questions as I will have Q & A session toward the end.  When I finished my part, many questions were raised.

I love lively audience and was happy to respond to their questions.  More questions were asked and we had to cut as we ran out of time. The questions were all very good and relevant. I am convinced that all the questions are good as they give me the opportunity to clarify what I said, to elaborate on some of the items I cover during the talk.  I also love questions as they often reflect the specific issues they face in implementation.  All in all, I had fun.  I hope participants had some takeaway that they could apply to their work.  It would be even better if they could do something different tomorrow morning.

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