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Yesterday, we had the second seminar meeting for this Term.  As the first year students are very busy this Term, we decided to meet every week, but that our seminar this Term would no require heavy preparation.

So yesterday, I picked the article from the Business Week about the joint marketing campaign by Microsoft and Burger King for launching the Windows 7 in Japan.   We discussed the objectives of both parties for this joint effort, what each party expects from the joint campaign and what are the risks.  We had an interesting discussion.

Then we talked about another report Nintendo’s not so great performance with the Wii.  I showed the short article reporting the Nintendo’s most recent performance and asked students the following: 1) If you were assistant to Mr. Iwata of Nintendo, how do you define the issues facing him? 2) What information do you want to analyze the issue and develop solutions?  3) What are the underlying hypotheses/assumptions?  4) What alternative solutions are there?

I encouraged them to apply concepts and models from other courses they are now learning to think about the real-world problem.   It required no preparation, but required quite a bit of thinking on the spot.

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