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This afternoon, I introduced my seminar to the class of 2009 at ICS. At ICS, all the incoming students will belong to a seminar run by the faculty members. The process starts just about now. The way it works is that the faculty members introduce their own seminar by presenting their background, interest, what they plan to do in their seminar, some personal background etc. etc. The students choose which seminar they want to join and apply for them. The process takes place over the course of two weeks or so and by the last week of October, all the students will know which seminar they will join.

As I am not teaching in the Term 1, I was given 15 minute to introduce my seminar–i.e. what I have done, what I do now and what I plan to do. I prepared the slides this morning by reviewing last year’s slides and made some revisions. They consist of the courses I teach, my background (education and work), my current activities (such as board membership, etc.) and research interest. I also discuss what I did for my seminar recently and what I plan to do this year. I always include the e-mail addresses of my past seminar students (with their permission) so that the students interested in applying my seminar can get in touch with them to find out what “really” happened in my seminar.

This year, I tried something new. I included some photo to show the action–such as dinner I had with my seminar students at my apartment, the World Economic Forum sessions I was involved in, other non-profit activities I do such as Table for Two. I wanted to incorporate many visuals now, so this was one of the first trials. I would like to incorporate more visuals in the future.

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