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I am going to Abashiri of Hokkaido on Sunday, July 2,  to give a talk at Tokyo University of Agriculture  Okhotzk campus. Junior Chamber International (JCI) Abashiri organizes this event as a part of their 65th anniversary series.  I am very honoured to receive an inquiry to give a talk and we managed to decide on the date and the time.  The venue is at Tokyo University of Agriculture  Okhotzk campus and the main target of the talk is high school and university students.  (i.e. those who will create the future.)   I hear that this campus has many unique departments from one of the business leaders I know.

JCI has organized several anniversary events including the one on June 4.  Here is the link to their website (unfortunately in Japanese only) and the you can see photos of their activities through here.

I have never been to Abashiri and had to find out which airport I should fly to.   As it is early summer, hopefully the best season to visit the city, I am very much looking forward to the trip.  I would also like to find out their unique departments at this campus. I am also very excited to see young people (I also hope some business people could attend, too!), as it is my belief that they create the better future with their creativity and imagination..  The title  of my talk  is “Next generation leader in the world that is undergoing tremendous transformation.”  I plan to make the talk relevant to them.  If you live in Abashiri or have friends in Abashiri, please let them know that I am coming!


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