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Yesterday, September 2, I had an opportunity to address  a group of high school students who have been selected by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.  This is the initiative organized by the government to develop “global leaders of the next generation.

I have been very interested in assisting young generation to develop their full potential,  so I jumped on the opportunity to give a talk.

We had some 150 high school students, their parents and others at the hall where the event was held.  I was a bit concerned as the day began with downpour and the forecast was not too great.  (For some reason, the last time I gave a talk at the event organized by the event organizer(not the government) for the high school teachers and administrators, the typhoon hit and I got stranded at Shibuya station for two hours.  (So probably the combination brings storm!)

At the seminar yesterday, I talked about the world as I see today characterized as the “hyper-connectedness” and “divided” as well as accelerating pace of change, what it means to us, and what we can do to make the best of the world today and to make it better.

I enjoyed Q & A session at the end and wished there were more time for that. (My style is more “interactive” and the audience yesterday could have been a bit too large for that, but I love lively Q & A session.)

Even after I was finished with it, (the next speaker was Ms. Sayaka Murata who founded NPO Kamonohashi project), some students came up to ask more questions.  It is wonderful that I have received some comments from them on the Japanese version of my blog (I uploaded yesterday).

I enjoyed interacting with students very much and I hope they will have a wonderful time throughout the program.  I also appreciated the opportunity to meet with Ms. Murata (her name escaped me when I tried to introduce her initiative during my talk, so my apology to Sayaka san.) and to find out more about their initiative. As often, it turned out that we have several friends in common.

Despite the downpour, it was a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.  And the bright sun came out when I walked out of the hall where I gave a speech, as if it shows the bright future of the high school students I addressed.

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