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IMG_7205IMG_3588Yesterday, I gave a seminar for high school teachers. It was organized by Core-Net Education Research Institute. The topic was “how to develop students with global mindset and skills.”
As I am interested in young generation, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to talk with the teachers. I believe not only parents but also teachers at school have very significant role for the future generation, as young generation -in particular, high school students- are very much influenced by those around them. Parents and teachers interact with students on daily basis and I believe they are the great contact points to reach young generation.
The title I selected for my talk was “Global citizens–how to identify and how to develop them?” My talk consisted of four parts-
1. What is happening in the world today?
2. What will the world look like in 10 years?
3. What is needed to create better world 10 years out?
4. What specific things and actions we can take from tomorrow?

IMG_3585As often, I started asking questions, which I believe is one of the good ways to engage the audience right from the beginning. I then showed series of photos to get my message across. I incorporated some of my recent experiences, too. After the short break, I tried to answer some of the questions they raised. (not all)
At the end, I gave copies of my most recent book to those who wanted them. (I brought five, but when we did Janken, 9 people won over me. So I sent the four this morning.)
I had fun interacting with high school principals and teachers, whom I usually do not have a chance to meet or talk. It is always fun to be exposed to a new and different group of people. As it was a full day with so many activities, I was tired when I finished the talk, but felt very happy. I hope they found some that might help them in some way.

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