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This afternoon (April 18), I gave a seminar for Global Business Department at Showa Women’s University. I was asked by Prof. Yashiro with whom I worked (many years ago) on regulatory reform and I also know President Bando. I always feel privileged to be given the opportunity to address young students (they are 18-20 years of age!).
My topic was “It is YOU that design your career and lifestyle in the midst of unprecedented change.”
We received quite a few questions and at the end I gave five copies each of the two books I wrote on career etc. to students who were born in April or early May.
This week was full of talks for me-to business people on Monday, group of executives from US financial industries on Tuesday and young female students aged 18-20 years of age today. The topic was quite different naturally, and the reactions are also quite different from the audience.
I had fun interacting different groups of people. At Showa, we took a photo with the students.

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