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  On Saturday, May 23, I had an honor to speak at the General Meeting of Aoyama Business School Alumni.  I taught at the graduate school and undergraduate courses at Aoyama from 1992 to 2000 and was thrilled to be invited back to address the Alumni.

  I hold Reunion-like Open Forum every spring for the alumni of my courses–both graduate and undergraduate–together with their friends who may be interested in business school and ICS in particular. 

  As those who come to the Open Forum are my former students (i.e. my students at Aoyama until 2000),  I was very much looking forward to meeting with  the recent alumni and the current graduate students at ABS.  

  My talk was on “Strategic Shift–both for business and for individuals.”  I talked about how 21st century is different from that of the past century and how much opportunity it will bring for the organization and for individuals if they are willing to take a risk in shifting their strategy, making the best of their creativity and imagination. 

  I was also invited to the reception afterwards where I met and talked with many people.  It was nice to be back at the place where you feel at home.

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