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 This morning, I gave a talk at Engineering association.  I then worked a few hours at SB, responding to some of the inquiries I have received in the past week or so.  Last item for the day was 30th anniversary event of Toshiba International Foundation.  The Part 1 was the presentation by three winners of the essay competition(featured photo)  and it was followed by dinner to celebrate the past 30 years of history and think of the future.  I missed the open house at Code Chrysalis I had intended to come, but gave up as the dinner was quite formal sit down dinner.  It was another day full of events.

In addition, I ran into two friends-one who helped us with Davos Experience .. series and KMD course, and the other recent participant of Global  Agenda Seminar series.  Almost every day I run into friends at most unexpected places.  I need to watch my behavior!

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