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In the past three weeks, I have been to Dubai, New York and Hong Kong with some days in Tokyo/Amagi in between. I have also met with many new people as I was at the Intelligence Report Conference and Global Women’s Forum Dubai and Asia Alumni Leadership Summit (McKinsey & Company).
It was very exciting to be invited, visit many places and meet with old friends and new friends.

yoko4thAs I reflect the past three weeks, I cannot but think that we need to see it, hear it, collect information on the spot as they are, rather than go with too much information from the past.  I also feel how important it is to initiate conversation, by introducing myself,  asking questions and to expand network.   In addition, by comparing and contrasting different experiences at different places/occasions, new ideas come to mind and new findings emerge, which is very exciting.

This is not limited to the “official meetings and dinners”.  We can see, hear, feel when we walk around, from scenes at the airports and happy occasions to run into old friends with whom I used to work.  Same thing holds true when we spend time with friends and family.  Many new ideas emerge.

IMG_8913For example, in Dubai where I participated in the Intelligence Report conference for SME and Global Women’s Forum, I felt dynamism in that Dubai is still a young country with great potential and many new things are being tried. GWFD this year was much bigger in scale than the last one I attended and the topics were designed with differentiation and uniqueness in mind, it seemed.  I felt it was more sophisticated and fun.

IMG_9228Asia Alumni Summit in Hong Kong was my first experience for the McKinsey event of this scale, and the format and content was interesting while their topics were of similar kind at other events such as the World Economic Forum. We also had nice dinner hosted by new office manager, Andre, to discuss Japan Office.  Though I stayed just for 2 days and the Summit was held at IFC (financial center?), I saw many young people and many well known brands and shops.  It is another place with dynamism.

FullSizeRender (5)In New York, my main objective was to see family and friends, while the presidential campaign was such a big issue that somewhat absorbed my attention.  My grandkids (11, 8 and 6) grow so fast that it was overwhelming.  I observed with such interest how quickly they learn so many things.

As we see the changing landscape of presidential campaign, it is not clear which way the US is going. The US which has had some tradition (of many different people, innovation etc. etc.) may be ready to depart from it all.  In that sense, I felt some dynamism, (or chaos) there, too.

When I came back to Japan, I do not quite feel dynamism. It is probably the surface does not seem to have changed (though I know there is a new wave of young entrepreneurs around), but no comparison with other parts of the world, it seems.  Are we going to regain “dynamism”?

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