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5C31CB83-9551-4E85-8561-AE3B204A3BAE-2 I often talk about the importance of seeing something/people, hearing the sound and pulse, and being there in my presentation. I felt the significance of it all very much during this trip.
I came to NYC to hear the ICE concert featuring Dai Fujikura’s pieces as a major objective. I have heard about the enthusiasm of the people for contemporary music and in particular, new and innovative undertakings by ICE from Dai. I have heard of Claire Chase, flutist and have written about her on my blog few times.
Hearing how rehearsal goes at the concert hall, being at the reception hosted by group of supporters of ICE and Dai (including financial types and relatively older generation whom you do not associate with contemporary music), attending the concert itself to see how ICE play, and joining after concert party, was a totally different experience for me.
IMG_2674I now realise how people of diverse background respond/support contemporary music, how excited the audience could be and above all, what an incredible person Claire is!
I am delighted that I made rather impulse decision of coming to NYC for a week (I usually stay in British Columbia until the end of August) and saw it, heard it and felt it myself.
I recall that when I just got out of college(several decades ago) and started working as freelance translator, and the lady (whom I respect tremendously) mentioned that people may be very different in person from the image you form from media reporting. In fact, I went to lunch at the restaurant where famous fashion designers tend to eat and found that one of the upcoming/young famous designer looked (in a good sense of the term) quite different from what I had expected. I cannot emphasise “See it” “Hear it” “Feel it” enough now that I myself had direct experience and felt the impact.

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