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 I went to see Maruhi  exhibition (Secret Source of Inspiration) held at 21_21 Japan Design this morning.  I have seen tweets by Director, Tagawa and wanted to come for some time.  It featured sketched and mockups by 26 architects, designers etc. of Japan Design Committee. It shows the creative process with many sketches and detailed activity log etc.  I have been interested in the work process of architect and other designers and have been very much looking forward to this exhibition.

It shows different approaches, different philosophy and different areas of expertise.  What is so common I find was the amount of work that goes behind the creation and the discipline reflected in their detailed activity log and diary.

I  saw enormous amount of sketches by the architect before and was so overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into the creation.

This exhibition is very unique in that it covers 26 designers and architects.  By seeing different pieces and different sketches, I see how they work with their own style, and at the same time, Japan Design committee seems to have some common thread-simple, functional and beautiful  I understand that the exhibition is extended until May and I strongly recommend you take a look. It was a nice day today and contrast between warm sun outside and relatively quiet exhibits downstairs was lovely

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