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Second day in Whistler has been cloudy with some rain. It is quite cool at 60s F. Big rain is forecast tomorrow with warning in Gibon (where I went last time) as well as in Whistler.  Probably because of that,  TV stopped working (wifi did not work earlier and I had to reboot).  It is very quiet and great for rest and work.  I can concentrate (with no distractions from smart phone, TV etc.) and can connect with people in different places (London, Tokyo, Fukuoka etc. etc.) via email, skype, teleconference and/or zoom.  In fact, I received a note from BBC Radio this morning about interview related to Korea/Japan trade development.  I did not know the news yet and I am NOT an expert on trade/foreign policy, and thus declined.

It is nice to be so close to nature and as I walked along the trail this afternoon before the rain hit, I felt so relaxed.  Despite some issues such as how to work access code, change the rental car as the one I had was too large for the space in garage (with my skill) and different switches for lights, it is good to come to a new place.  The unit I am renting is very nice (first time for me), good size :2-bedrooms, all on the same floor, and cozy living room and just one TV. It seems the owner likes to cook as I see many spices and wine cooler. I will make the best of my stay here.


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