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 These few days, we go back and forth between spring and winter, i.e. very volatile weather change.  Over this long weekend, snow is forecast in Tokyo (while Hokkaido suffers from unprecedented amount of snow, I hear) It appears that four seasons we used to enjoy and appreciate is quickly disappearing. On the Opinion column of Japan Times today,  I wrote about the seasons lost- climate change-  and food waste, two global issues that came to my mind at the time of setsubun, last Sunday, Feb. 3.

Setsubun literarally means separating seasons, and Feb. 3 was that of winter and spring. As we realize, it is not clear whether winter is gone and spring is here or not, one example of climate change. I also discussed the issue of wasted Eho maki, lucky roll special for Setsubun, which became very popular these several years. These two issues -climate change and food waster- are real AND  inter-related to each other, making it difficult to resolve, despite extended discussion at international conferences.  I explained the link and propose a small step that individuals can take, in this article. Thus, the title is killing two birds with one bean… Here is the link to the article. I have been given the opportunity to write on this column over a year, so here is my past articles.

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