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As I felt the plan of concentration and fun yesterday worked very well for me, I tried another round of concentration and fun for myself.  I started working on preparing two sets of slides for upcoming seminars and finished one set around 1:00 pm. (My original plan was to finish in the morning.)  This task requires not only concentration, but also quite a bit of creative energy.  I had to take a break after I finished the first set and after doing other things, I set out to work on the second set.

This set required even more energy as the topic and the audience is a bit different from my usual group of business people. I had finished outline yesterday, and tried to prepare slides that fit the message I want to convey.

In the meantime, the idea of visiting Okura museum of Art to see The tragedy of Loosdorf Castle came up.  The poster of this show (shown in featured photo) caught my eye on my way from Opera City last night and I wanted to find out.  Besides, my friend told us about this project, which fascinated me as well.

So I went there 40 minutes or so before they closed and saw the exhibition.  It is not huge, but very impressive. I was so moved by the strong will and dedication to start and finish this project.  There were a few people at the museum and very quiet.  It was very nice and relaxing.

Now I am working on the second set of slides!

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