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 Saturday, September 10, I spent a total of 6 hours or so near Roppongi Hills.  In the evening, I had a meeting to discuss activities for the Global Agenda Council on Talent Mobility, originally organized by the World Economic Forum.  I have a few people that have supported this effort and we communicated so far via e-mail etc.  Though I know them quite well, I thought it would be nice to have face-to-face meeting with them to officially review and plan our activities and also to introduce the new member.

  The meeting held at Academy Hills was very helpful as we reviewed all the activities so far and developed a specific plan to do the rest by the end of this month.  It was very nice to work with people with project experiences. (It is a bit different from the meeting with the KMD students majority of whom  have no business experience.)  I tried to tap their experience as they are on the front line of business today. 

  In addition to the GAC project, I explained the projects I have worked on and asked for comments and suggestions. It is always helpful to explain the activities and project I have been doing as I become better at explaining the key items in more organized and simpler way.   Their comments were very helpful and I was glad that we shared quite a few ideas.

  After the meeting,  we moved to the casual restaurant nearby.  There was a live band performing with big crowd.  The casual restaurant was very lively and full of young people.  We continued talking about various issues which I found very informative, interesting and insightful.  It was nice to be in the area where many young people hang out over the weekend.  (Recently my interaction with very young people in early 20s near Hiyoshi, and it is quite a different scene in Roppongi.)

  I have not done this type of  “hanging out” for a while, so I enjoyed even more.  I thought that it is exciting and stimulating to be at the busy places once in a while.   No question I enjoy food, wine and above all, great company.  Nice way to spend Saturday evening.

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