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This afternoon (October 19), I ran the seminar for the first time at Sansan seminar room.  Their office is very nice, high on the 13th floor with many plants, overlooking the Aoyama area. The topic for this special seminar was “Where do you see yourself work in 5 years? What would YOU like to be doing?”

We had some 30 participants, who won the lottery! among many that applied.  I started the session by welcoming them and introducing myself.  I then asked all to think of the way to introduce themselves in English to the other members of the table (Each table had 4 members.)  I asked them to introduce themselves so that people remember them with some unique characteristics.   I also asked them “Why are you here?” trying to get their expectations from the session, and also their background. Everything was done in English.

After I discussed brief overview of the world in 2018 and factors affecting the job/work and skill, I share with them some of the findings from the Future of Jobs report and the workshop I attended last week in New York City,

In the latter half, I asked each table (there were seven) to take a certain role about the job landscape in 2022.  After about half an hour of discussion among themselves at each table, I gave them the context and background -2020 Olympics. Each table reported back their discussion, which was quite interesting.

At the end I asked whether they were more optimistic or pessimistic compared with themselves before the session.  Majority responded “optimistic”, which made me happy.  (I want participants to see light and get ready to take an action!)  In fact, at many of my seminars(including the one last night at Sophia) , I receive feedback that participants get energy from my seminar  and get ready to start something new.  The reality is that I am the one that receive a lot of new energy from the participants as I can see their energy and interest level go up.

I am delighted that the first seminar at Sansan went well and feel relieved after 3 seminars in two days right after I came back from New York.  I have one more tomorrow night!

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