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 I am now in Sapporo for the seminar this afternoon.  It is part of the luncheon hosted by one of the national associations.  I did the one for the Tokyo chapter last year and they asked me to do the one for Sapporo chapter.  It has been a while since I came to Sapporo, as I recall.  Last time was for the Cluster Seminar. 

 I plan to discuss how I see the world is undergoing transformation and what companies, cities and the country can do by shifting their strategies from the OR choices to the AND paradigm.  I will touch upon recent experiences in Davos, Switzerland, and the historical transformation in the North Africa. 

  It was a bit of a  challenge to fly to Sapporo last night as I heard that there would be a possibility that the plane might return to Tokyo depending upon the condition on the ground.  Fortunately, we were able to arrive without much problem.

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