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IMG_8599Last night, I went to the concert at the small salon in Nishi Azabu. My friend I got to know last year through seminar series told me about the concert where Makoto Yoshida would play.  Makoto came to perform for one of the sessions of Davos Experience in Tokyo series last year when we had Dai Fujikura as our guest. I was very happy to know about the concert and went (after a LONG but very EXCITING kick off meeting of one of the companies I serve as board member.)

The concert featured Shuann Chai, piano and was entitled “Souvenir fro the Netherlands” as Shuann serves as music director of one of the well known piano festivals in the Netherlands.  After we heard several pieces by Schuann, her friends, Shunsuke Sato performed violin sonata and Makoto Yoshida clarinet sonata.  At the end three performed together.

Though it was past my bedtime (I did not come home until almost midnight!) it was such a pleasant evening.  I ran into some friend and friends of friends.  Here is the video of one of the pieces.

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