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When I was listening to the podcast this morning, I came across with the interesting comparison of Steve Jobs and Richard Branson.  I am fascinated by both people and find the comparison quite interesting.  After Steve Jobs passed away, there have been many talks about who would take his place not only at Apple, but also in IT and the world in general.

I have not heard much about Richard Branson these days, but he has been one of my heroes and I heard him speak at one of the conferences. (I do not remember which one it was, probably at World Knowledge Forum in Seoul, Korea.)

The two are very different and yet, they may share some common characteristics such as pursue their own vision no matter what.  There seems to be some differences as well in that R. Branson seems more approachable and fun, while I have the image that S. Jobs is so demanding and sometimes very tough to work for.

They also talked about some stories of  S. Jobs as the book will be out soon.    I am very much looking forward to reading  the new book.

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