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Today, I went to visit Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation and Google.  The former was for exploring the possibility of collaboration on recruiting top people from the world, and the latter was to meet and discuss various potentials.  It was the first time for me to visit the two companies, BUT I ran into familiar faces at both places.  At Fourth Valley, I saw two masters students of KMD  who are working there, and at Google, I ran into ICS alumni. Now I come to think of it, all of them are from Central and Latin America! I never thought about which country they are from.

Both were not planned, so it was such a happy surprise that I ran into them.  We talked briefly as to what they were doing there (they asked me the same question!).  I felt so happy to see them work at these exciting companies and am delighted that they seem to be enjoying their work.

The meetings at the two companies were very helpful and interesting.  I met with Mr. Yohei Shibasaki, CEO of the Fourth Valley for the first time.  At Google, I met with Mr. Takeaki Kanaya, whom  I met at the International Conference for Women in Business about 10 days ago.  Setting appointment with these busy people was a bit of a challenge (we changed and changed again the time of meeting since 9 o’clock last night and finally settled this morning!), but was well worth it.  I learned a lot and I also had an opportunity to explain my ideas.  I trust we would continue our discussion and I hope that something would come out of it.  (We will make sure it will happen!)

Running into students and alumni was an additional bonus for me, as it was totally unexpected.  How fortunate I am to have this job of interacting with young people all the time!

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