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We just finished #55 of Davos Experience in Tokyo last Friday, January 26. (Photo on the left)  The annual meeting of the World Economic Forum was finished last week and those who participated are busy implementing (hopefully) some of the actions discussed at Davos and further exploring the agenda.
For us in Tokyo, our next session of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series is scheduled for Friday, March 2. This time, we will shift gears and address the issue of combining sports event with reinvigorating local area (which suffered from the big earthquake of 2011), with the support of sharing economy.
Rugby World Cup is scheduled in Japan in 2019 and Kamaishi is one of the venues of the games. Some of may recall that rugby is very important part of Kamaishi city and there are many who are die-hard rugby fan there. With many visitors coming from many parts of the world, we want to make the best of this event by designing Magical Experience powered by people (vision of airbnb).
Join us to design Magical Experience in Kamaishi, on March 2 at #56 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at cozy airbnb office.
Website is already open with details. Join us to develop many ideas to make the three-way combination unique and magical. For details and registration, follow this site.

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