I have reviewed some 40 reports prepared by the students who took the Competitiveness course during the Term 2 (which is coming to end next week).  The assignment was to pick the country and/or cluster each student is interested in, analyze its competitive position by using the model we introduced in the course and develop recommendations to the leaders of the country. 

  I have reviewed all that are in and made comments.  I have found them very informative and interesting, as our students have a few years of experience and represent close to 20 countries.  As I had 1-on-1 session with each of them to discuss their report while they were writing, I had a sense of what each was writing about. To see the final product is anothere exciting experience.   

  Reviewing each report and making comments takes a lot of time, but this is a great way to find out about the cluster/country from the “insiders.”  There are many new discoveries. 

  In fact, some students after they graduate get involved with the organizations in their own country and actually start doing something about the competitiveness.   After all, this is what we (meaning those who have taught this course in the past several years throughout the world) want to see.  As Michael E. Porter says in the first class, we want the students to DO SOMETHING about it, rather than just do the academic exercise.