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Today is the last day of June, and half of year 2014 is gone. It has been three months since I became independent, so I decided to take a stock of my activities.

June was a very good month for me, full of activities–both professional and private. It began with the Japan Meeting of the World Economic Forum, which convinced me that we have come to the stage where we can discuss a variety of issues quite freely in English.

I ran a few executive ed. workshops, gave a key note speech at high school, ran interactive workshops with undergraduate students, and for those interested in study/work abroad. I participated in charity dinner and charity concert, attended the reception at UK embassy and at Swiss residence. Several board meetings and advisory board meeting, as well as shareholder meetings were held in June as the fiscal year ended in March.

I interviewed executives for the online column series, wrote several column articles, and joined BBC Radio as guest.

As for the regular events, we had “Davos.. in Tokyo”(DET) series at Benesse, where we discussed Aging & Technology, and started Global Agenda Seminar series 2014 yesterday at Roppongi Academy Hills.

On the private side, my stepson and his son visited Japan and we had fun together, eating Yakitori at Ginza, having lunch with my 92 year old father, making chicken Rahmen from scratch at Cup Noodle Museum and tried roller coaster twice. (We watched a lot of World Cup too.)

I had dinner with friends from overseas, and visited people who have supported me.

Though I had no overseas business trips, the month of June gave me many opportunities to meet with many new people of a variety of fields and of countries.

Naturally, I get tired doing so many things-both physically and sometimes psychologically, as it is sometimes too stimulating. My rule (when I can) is to spend at least one day of the weekend for myself. I go to concert, see the show, listen to my favorite music and do some fun stuff in a relaxed manner. June was a good month as I managed to go to my favorite concert and listen to CD every day.

July 1 marks the beginning of the summer for me!

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