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Yesterday (October 7), I joined the class reunion of Ferris High school I graduated over xx decades ago.  We hold class reunion almost every year these years, probably many of us have more time to ourselves? At last reunion held in May  2018 in Yokohama, we had our class mate who lives in Canada that came to reunion for the first time. (The date of reunion was set so that she could join, I recall.) I found out that she lives in British Columbia and visited her at her place in July, and joined her in Tuscany, Italy in October.  I also spent a few days at her place this last Summer where I had a wonderful time.

This year, our classmate who lives in Chicago joined us for the first time since graduation. We also have class mate that joined us for the first time (she lives in Tokyo, I find.)

Our math teacher also joined us as last year, which was very nice. (He is in 90s, but is in great shape and in high spirits.)

The 30th Restaurant at Excel Tokyu Hotel in Futako Tamagawa was very nice (food) as well as great view!  We had wonderful time.  After lunch, some of us stayed over having coffee/tea to continue our conversation.  It was as if the xx decades went away and we were back to our high school days.  (It is quite amazing how much we remember about small things.)  I make it a rule to join as long as the date works and every time, I have fun.

We miss those who never come to reunion, but we get their news via email/letter.  I wish more will come, as all of us are so relaxed now and just enjoy our time together (not to mention the sparking wine and great food!)  Wonderful day to spend w friends.

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