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FullSizeRender-2Yesterday evening (August 25), I took two past participants of Global Agenda Seminar Series (in fact, in 2010) to dinner cruise from Pier 62. It was a part 2 of the GAS/DEX Reunion series after Sunday brunch. (Original idea was developed by one of the groups who brainstormed the next steps for Davos Experience in Tokyo series in January.)
IMG_1132IMG_1130Two ladies from GAS who live in NYC came just in time to board the glass boat. 3 course dinner was served while we went around Hudson and East River. When we started, it was still light and we were able to see other boats etc., but it got dark quite quickly.
We talked about a variety of things including how they liked the life in NYC and about other GAS participants, etc. who were in NYC. Dinner was excellent and the three hours went by so quickly. It was fun to get together with friends.
So my plan for Reunion in NYC Part 2 is now complete. I am leaving NYC this evening to go back to Tokyo after a month away via Vancouver (where I will stay overnight.)

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