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These past weeks have been quite hectic for me as I gave a talk  in Kobe, made a presentation at the Prime Minister Office for the working group meeting, and had several conferences and panels to moderate at Swiss Residence, British Embassy, Diamond Management Forum and Roppongi Academy Hills .  I also had several meetings to attend including Post Davos meeting at the Swiss Residence and Post Davos breakfast session at Roppongi Hills.  In addition I had several meetings to prepare for upcoming seminars and our next step beyond April when I leave KMD.  With two tests at the hospital and two follow-up appointments with  doctors left me little time for anything else.

I found myself getting exhausted and not quite myself when we had meetings followed by receptions and meetings which lasted until quite late.  I finally realized that I came to the limit of my capability and patience when I found myself so irritated when some people dominated the conversation and  find my own comments/questions negative and pessimistic.  Though I had a presentation to prepare, I simply could not think! So what was my solution?    I went straight to bed and did not even write a blog (I make myself write both in English and in Japanese every day to be consistent) or tweet.  I realized what I needed was simply “REST.”

The next morning after about  6 hours of sleep, I felt much better and started again.  My lesson was that I should recognize when I hit the limit and do not push any more.   We all need some rest and vacation!  Traditional, conventional, but still true…

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