Majority of comments I receive to my blog entry, facebook post etc. consist of concerns for my health.  Many mention that I need not only physical but also mental care.  As I think about it, both go together.  I am following their suggestions and trying to balance the two.

In fact, I went to Aikido class this morning after 6 months.  I was determined to go, as it was the first class of the fall term and I wanted to see instructors and others.  Besides, Aikido is a great way to clear  my mind as I need total concentration not to get hurt.  I was also interested in how Aikido class can be done with social distancing.  We were all wearing masks and practice basic moves.  We did a few practices with the partner, but not much.  I am very sore as I use different muscles after 5 months! But it definitely helped me mentally as it was nice to see instructors.  It also felt good to practice basic moves. I also hear that we will use wooden sword like items in the future. (photo on the left)  I am looking forward to my Sunday class.

After Aikido class, I went to the duo recital of violin and piano.  I received the invitation about 10 days ago at the JICC seminar where I gave a talk.  Violinist, Risa Izumi,(featured photo)  performed at the end of the session and gave me tickets to today’s recital.  I enjoyed it very much.  It was a bit of challenge as I was quite pressed for time.  However, it was the first time to attend the concert live in 6 months.

I felt I am approaching the good balance of physical and mental state… Will try to continue…