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 As of Thursday, March 12, I  resigned from the Council for Science & Technology Policy where I had served as executive member since January 2008.  It was a great opportunity and privilege for me to serve as a member of this council, as I believe that Science & Technology is a key to resolve many issues we face today and is one of the most effective means to make the presence of Japan felt in the world today.

  I learned a lot in the capacity of a member, and have been given a lot of support. I also had a tremendous opportunity to meet and interact with people in the areas which had not been open to me before.

  I wish I could have finished my term (which is 2 years), but my personal  conditions(i.e. having parents in the 80s, among other things) did not allow me to continue.  As it became apparent that I could not spend time enough to fulfill the job, I decided to ask for resignation.

  It took some 3 months before the official approval was given at the Diet. As it became official this week, I went there for the last time to thank all the other members and the staff who had supported me.

   I hope that I can still do some activities as an outside person (i.e. not as a member of the Council)  to promote Science & Technology.

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