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I was invited to speak at FEW seminar yesterday. I was given the opportunity as I met Joy of FEW at the UK embassy for the event in March.  I did not know much about FEW (for empowering women in Japan), and thus, it was good  encounter of many new people (there were some I have met before at other events.) The title of my  talk was “What’s NEW under Abenomics for women, regardless of nationality?”

As I wanted to engage the audience right from the beginning, I started with the question. “If you can start all over again, would you come to Japan to work?” Why? Why not? It turned out the group was also split in half. I asked both groups about reasons, and they were very interesting.
I then presented slides describing Abenomics, Status of women (and men) in career (and family). I also discussed why diversity and work/life balance is important and what the audience can do. I also shared my experience on the issue last week at St. Gallen, yesterday with Minister Mori. I also told them about the session I am scheduled to moderate next week in Manila.

As expected, there were many questions and I learned a lot. I enjoyed Q &A though my answers tended to be a bit too long.
Meeting with new people is always exciting and I appreciate the opportunity very much. I will post photo when I get them.

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