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CipflyerAs I introduced before,  Open Salon of CiP talk/session was held on Tuesday, December 8 at Keio Mita Campus. The title was “Life in 2020 from Tokyo:what will Industry 4.0 bring?”. CiP is the project organized and supported by a variety of organizations and its main focus of the activities are in the Takeshiba area.    Open salon is held every few months. Professor Ichiya Nakamura of Keio Media Design, my former colleague, is in charge of this organization and I was given the opportunity to give a brief talk and to join the panel.
The main concept of the talk/session was “How will our lives transform in the Industry 4.0?”  The idea was to discuss implications of the Industry 4.0 on our daily life, rather than the technical aspect of it.
Dr. Kenichiro Mogi, gave a Key note speech on Singularity, followed by dialogue with Prof. Nakamura. Then Mr. Takahiro Taguchi of Toyota gave a talk on Toyota’s future initiative. I found this initiative very interesting and was looking forward to hearing more about it. (I particularly liked “i-Road”.)
I was the last to speak and discussed briefly how our work and learning has and will change.
Panel with Taguchi san and Ichiya san was fun. I  see the report of  talk/session in Japanese uploaded on their website, but not English yet.

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