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I participated as one of the resource people for Virtual training of trainers in the community based village tourism hosted by Indonesian Ministry and  by APO. I had the pleasure to give a talk on Service Sector productivity in the era of Covid 19 a few months ago.  Tourism accounts for major portion of GDP and employment in Asia and has been deal with severe blow by Covid 19, I discussed some potential actions for tourism in Asia during the earlier talks.l This time the program was specifically for the purpose of training trainers in tourism industry in Asian countries.

The title of my talk was “Opportunities and Challenges for village tourism in Asia in the “With Covid-19” era.  After discussing with the staff at APO, I decided to take some examples from Japan.  The examples I referred to was “micro tourism” by Hoshino Resort, variety of initiatives to revitalize tourism in the city of Kanazawa which lost huge inbound tourists.  As the government sponsored “Go to Travel” campaign was just about to start, I discussed this initiative as well.

The program was attended by many people in tourism industry and government from variety of Asian countries.  The virtual sessions worked fine and people seemed to interact quite well online,

The brief report is now uploaded at APO website.  I hear that follow up activities are being done, too.  As it can work as a valuable network of people, involved, it will bear more fruits in the future.  I feel very honored to be a part of this program.   You can see the report, here.

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