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NWBP150901_タイトルYesterday, September 1, I went to Nagoya to give a talk at Career Design lecture series. Despite the pouring rain, many people came to hear my talk, which I am very grateful.
NWBP150901_石倉先生I had thought that majority of audience would be career-women, but I heard that quite a few men applied. So I had to think over my original plan focusing on My recommended actions for career women. In fact, I have been struggling as to how I should tell the story and what slides to use for my talk. It is because this time, I change my outline of talk from the usual style of “world today, implications for business and for individuals”, as I wanted to share my latest thinking included in my most recent book.
I managed to develop the idea focusing on the reasons why different actions and thinking are needed today, to make my talk relevant to the men in the audience. So I spent more time on drivers behind the discontinuous change in the world, which form the reasons and rationale for the new way of thinking and experimenting.
I wish I had more time to respond to all the questions raised, but managed to respond to a few. We did a draw to give five copies of my new book to five people.
IMG_073410632757_10205900175716574_2988545569577201625_nAfter the session, I had a chat with some who stayed on, took photo with some of them, and took Shinkansen back home. Some people said that my talk cheered them up and encouraged them to try something new. I often hear comments that my talk makes them feel empowered, which makes me very happy.
It is ME that gets a lot of new energy, as empowering and support goes both ways. I tell them to try little by little, every day, AND I tell myself to do the same. I feel very fortunate to be given this type of opportunity to exchange new energy and new ideas. Thank you to those who came despite the rain and those who organized the event. I came home safe before the midnight!

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