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We had No. 3 session of “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series on Wednesday, April 10.  We had some 60 people attending the session, much larger than the last time.  I began the  session by welcoming them, introducing the plan of continuing “Davos Experience in Tokyo” series every month as a part of  KMD SPACE project.

Then we showed the video clip of Professor M. Porter from Davos in January 2012.  I was at the site then in Davos and remembered well how the Ideas for Change session went.  The Forum edited 15 min. session into 3 minutes, just to get the essence of the talk.

I then showed another video clip from the symposium where Prof. Porter talked more about CSV(creating shared value) with  an example of  Intercontinental Hotel.  As the first video clip was more under the issue of “capitalism,” I wanted  to add a bit more flavor to how CSV is actually practiced.

Then I facilitated the general discussion, by asking participants whether they agree with our statement “Is role and purpose of business to make money?”  The group  was  split just about half and half, which was ideal for debate.  After some general discussion, we formed eight small groups where participants were engaged  in the discussion.  While they were discussing in breakout sessions, I joined two KMD students who were facilitating the virtual discussion with those watching online.

The session ended with report back from each group and brief wrap up  from me.  I was happy to see people participate actively in the discussion in English.  My personal objective of hosting this series is to provide opportunities for people to discuss/debate issues in English.  It is the practice  and OUTPUT that counts, and expressing views and  discussing the issue of Capitalism and purpose of business is one such trial.

Then we moved to Ark Hills cafe for networking get-together.  I walked there with one of the participants (and we took a long way as we got lost!)  who told me that he was encouraged by stories of 7 young people in my book, “Global Career.”  It is always fun to meet with people and talk casually about what they do etc.  This time we had enough to eat!  It was a great evening!  I am now full of  ideas as to what we can and want to do with “Davos in Tokyo” series.  So stay tuned!

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