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agosOn Tuesday, April 16, I gave a talk at AGOS Japan, in Shibuya. AGOS Japan is an organization supporting people when they  apply for graduate programs overseas  with help in application, GMAT, GRE and other preparation.  I have known Mr. Yokoyama of AGOS Japan for some time  and he offered me the opportunity to give a talk. (Photo on the left Mr. Yokoyama & me)

The title of the talk  was  “You can become a global leader”  and was open (I believe) to the public.  Mr. Yokoyama began the session with  the objective of the talk, how we met, and gave me the introduction.

I talked for about 30 minutes or so. As usual, I began by asking questions. Then I talked about how I see the world today, what opportunities it presents to us, and what we can do make the best of the opportunities.

I also explained my recent attempts at developing/supporting global leaders, including Global Agenda Seminar 2013 (application now accepted) and “Davos Experience in Tokyo” Series(held every month as part of my SPACE project).   Then we opened the session to floor for questions.

At the beginning, questions were slow to come, and then they picked up.  I like  question & answer session as it is the best way I can find out whether my message has been  delivered, what are to be clarified, what other concerns/questions they might have.  It seemed many  were interested in going abroad to study/to work and the related questions.

Two hours went by quickly and I am sure we could accommodate more questions if time allowed.  I talked with quite a few who stayed on to buy the book (I offered them at discount) after the seminar .

I am grateful for the opportunity AGOS Japan gave me and enjoyed meeting with many young people who are interested in the global career/leadership.

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