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On Friday, June 23, we hosted session #49 of Davos Experience in Tokyo at Wilson Learning Worldwide.  The topic was Human Rights and Refugees as June 20 is designated to be the “World Refugee Day” and refugee problem is such a major issue the world is now faced with.   Before the session, I interviewed two guests- Riyo Yoshioka of Human Rights Watch and Jamar, one of the Syrian refugees.   During the session, Riyo and Sayaka Waatanabe, founder of WelGee explained the status of refugees and human rights violations and their activities.  Jamar explained Syria before and after the 6-year war to clarify some misconceptions about Islam, Syria etc.  He then shared his own experience of how he left Syria and his life in Japan.

Participants (relatively small this time, compared with other times) had one of the guest speakers join their breakout sessions to find our more about the situation and to brainstorm some ideas as to what they can do.  After the session, we had general discussion and heard from guest speakers.

During the networking which followed the session, I interviewed Sayaka san and the person from Congo DRC about their impression of the session.  We all heard more about the status of refugees, which I hope would give us opportunities to think about what WE could do. It was very useful and informative session.

Here is a short video of interviews and a part of presentation.


Our next session will be on Friday, July 28 at Shiseido.  The topic is “new business ideas for Shiseido as staff with 2 year contract.” It will be quite different from this past session, but we are counting on your creativity and imagination as well as business acumen.  As soon as our site is ready for your registration, we will inform you. So stay tuned..

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