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New stove and oven arrived at the apartment unit I rent.  The person from gas company came last week to do annual? checkup. He told me that the stove and oven in my unit is the oldest at this apartment complex and is 30 years old!  The apartment complex w some 100 units was built in 1989 and my unit is the only one that is still using the stove and oven installed then.  He said it seemed to be working, but I might want to ask the management to replace it.  I was afraid that the old one may not function well and I did not want to take a chance of causing gas explosion or something, I asked the management.

Today, they came to replace the stove & oven. (See photo).  It looks completely different from the old version and I had to read instruction before I cooked! I am amazed how much of a progress kitchen equipment has made. This is NOT the technologically complex appliance, and yet, there seems to be many more functions.  I am looking forward to trying many new things and recipes.  (I love cooking!)

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