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I went to see the show entitled “Reminiscence of the Unknown” by Yoichio Ochiai at Shibuya MODI.  It has three parts-Image and Matter, Digitally Natural, Naturally Digital and Sehnsucht nach Masse(I do not know what the third part means)!

I have seen his show a few times before at different places, and  wanted to go to see this one  for some time.  Today I had a chance to go to Shibuya area  and was determined to go see the show.

It is quite overwhelming, in power and yet it is quiet  and relaxing.  I found.  Photos he takes are magnificent.  The explanation is quite difficult to understand as some of his books are.  I read quite a few of his books, and some I needed to read twice or three times to understand.

I might try to go back to some of the books and read them through, now that my impression of the show is very fresh. His official website is quite spectacular. The show at Shibuya MODI goes on until August. 31. It is highly recommended.


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