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As I am in  Canada, I watch US media such as CBS, PBS and CNN. I particularly like the CNN original series The 2000s etc. as it describes the events and days of significance in different decades.  The  2000s will be shown this Sunday, and the short PR clip is shown over and over again.  I watch the scene that Obama was elected as the US President and the pouring emotion of the people (quite a few people are in tears.)

This scene reminds me the day I was watching in Japan and how overwhelmed and impressed I was to find out that Obama was elected.  I wanted him to be elected myself, but I was not sure whether it could happen or not, as I knew that these expectations often were crushed in reality.  As I saw the people in tears of joy, I was so moved as I realized that the US is, in fact the country, that I believed it to be. (My first exposure to the US was in late 60s and I still recall these days of idealism and struggle for equality though there were many assassinations in the era.)

As I see this scene, it is difficult to realize that the country is now so divided and the white supremacy rally is scheduled in front of the White House tomorrow, the anniversary day of the similar rally in Charlottesville, VA last year where one person was killed.  Watching the scene of the rally by the President Trump where two men wear the T shirt saying “I would rather be Russian than Democrats” and the ecstasy of the people who support him, I am not sure whether the US will ever be the country that I remembered which is open and fair enough to elect the person like Obama as their leader.

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