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In the process of adapting to Covid-19 days and adjusting my daily routine and activities, I added some items to my daily workout/exercise routine.  One of them is jumping rope after I jog around the park in the morning.  I saw Tweet which indicates that Chinese children do jumping rope (30 second jumping followed by 15 second rest nine times.  They say it is the routine to develop athletic capability of very young children and develop good athletes (I believe that was the main message of the story.)  I had been thinking about adding some cardio exercise to slow jog around the park, and I had bought new jumping rope recently after I found that jumping rope at the gym downstairs was cleared, probably for Covid-19.

At the beginning, I started doing 80 or so (with some difficulty as I had not dome jumping rope  for some years!) I added 10 each day and went up to 120 or so, when I saw theTweet above.  So I changed the rule and decided to follow the practice for Chinese children.  I started with 3 rounds of 30/15 and started going up. (I am still four, as I realize there is no way I can do it 9 times!)  As I practice everyday, I am getting better and now can keep up quite long.  (I have had cramps, probably due to jumping rope on the hard surface?)

Another item I added several weeks ago is biking.  I had a bike, but I had not used for several years and it was all dusty.  I cleaned as much as I could, and put the air and started biking around the park in the afternoon to refresh myself after working on my PC etc. for some time.

At the beginning, I was a bit shaky, but have gotten better now.

What I find interesting is that I see some young children biking on the same course with me.  Several weeks ago when restrictions on movement were tighter, I saw parents riding and teaching young children how to bike.  I thought Covid-19 worked well for this, as riding on bike is a skill you never lose once you learn how.  If many more children learn how to ride a bike, they can stay healthy and active for a long time.

What I find lately is some children riding so fast and so well!  They are so flexible and agile when riding on the bike. They tend to pass me as they go full speed!  There has been so much progress on the part of children, it seems.   Watching the young children riding so well in few months led me to believe that children are born not only creative and innovative (I had known this far), but also agile and flexible.

We all know how creative and innovative young children They do not take anything for granted and experiment.  As they are very young and have physical capability to stay flexible, and to try almost anything that catches their eyes, I thought we could all try to remember our own very young days.  It will be good if you buy the bike (if you do not own one yet) and  give it a try, You may feel awkward, but you can recall your very young days and experiment.


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