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This weekend (August 4 through 6) is a long weekend in British Columbia. First Monday of August is designated as BC Day and holiday in BC. There are many families in Whistler to spend this long weekend. Despite not so good weather forecast, it has been very sunny and nice so far.

As on other Sundays, I went to Farmers Market at Upper village to pick up vegetables and fruits.  I had JEGGS, similar to Okonomiyaki in Japan, today.  They are very good and my friends and I love it.

I picked up eggplant, kale, zucchini, arugula etc. and different kinds of berries.  Altogether it came to over 40CDN.  As it was sunny and very dry, walking back and forth with package made me thirsty enough to try cucumber, lime & mint water.  It was quite relaxing as I seem to have recovered from traveling and jet lag as well as staying up very late to do tech online training.   I worked more on our new initiatives called SINCA, finished drafting the column due on Monday.

In the evening, I played 5 holes of golf first time in August with four Canadian ladies from Edmonton.  They are so funny, positive and easy going that I had such wonderful time.  (My shots were quite lousy, but I did not quite care..)   For dinner after golf, I had kale chip, potato with pesto (I made it myself) and red curry.  Naturally with a glass of Rose wine.

Spending time with fun people, interacting with people at circuit class and at Starbucks who remember my name and my order means a lot to me as I feel at home.  Do I find this type of friendly welcome from people in Japan  I am not sure. (Probably I will write more on this ).

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