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As major event on professional side was finished on Thursday and on my private side was done yesterday, I felt relaxed for a change.  It is also the end of the fiscal year and that seminars and workshop seem to be in recess.

So I decided to spend the day doing what I wanted to do, but had not had time to do.  I have been reading/listening to audio books lately as it seems the best way I can block an hour or so to secure undistracted time for reading.  The audio book I am now reading is Becoming by Michell Obama.  I listened to “A Promised land” by Barak Obama a while ago, and wanted to hear Michell’s story.  Both audio books are narrated by the authors and it makes a difference, to me. (I also listened to Thank you for being late by Tom Friedman and My own words by Ruth Bader Ginsberg, but both are narrated not by the authors, but somebody else, and to me, it did not have as powerful impact as the ones narrated by the authors.

I liked Becoming (I still have few more chapters to go) and was reminded me of the series of events that led to the election of Barak Obama and the hope many felt at his inauguration, not t mention his speech in Chicago when he won the election.  As I remember those days so vividly, I feel we may have lost something during the decade that followed.  I realize that life goes on and we now face the beginning of completely new era, but today I was a bit nostalgic.

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