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Today, May 11, has been a relaxing day for me.  It started with some email exchange with my friends.  As I had certificates for 1 week stay at the nice condo in Palm Desert, which  was expiring soon, I asked my friends in British Columbia and California whether they could use them.

I had not get around to check this until now. Though I had explored the possibility of me going there, but I decided against it because of complex(with one stop etc.) flight schedule and rather expensive air tickets.  So I asked around, but in vain.  It was too bad as my friends could have used them if I had informed them earlier.

After this attempt, I did some reading related to Globalization 4..0 etc. which I had planned to do.

Then I received beautiful flower basket from the top management of the company I did workshop about a month ago.  It is so lovely and lifted my spirit. (I was getting a bit bored, reading white paper!)

As it was a nice day out, I decided to go out to Kinuta park.  (I have been there once for cherry blossoms few years ago.)  It was very nice to walk to the park from the station.  On my way to the park, I sat at the bench and started reading the book I had started before I went to Brazil. It is entitled “Israel’s Edge” and I read about half, but did not find too interesting then.  So I needed some push for me to start again.

Probably because of the nice weather and happy looking people around, I started getting very interested in the story.  It is nice to have a day to yourself, but you need something that interests you. Now I am quite stimulated and motivated to read on…..

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