Day 2 of my vacation in Tuscany began with my long overdue jog around the house.  I missed daily workout for five days and was determined to do it this morning. It was refreshing, not too cold and I felt I have recovered!  After my usual breakfast of protein juice  and yogurt/fruit, we set out to visit small towns in the area.  My friend from high school asked me what I wanted to do during my stay with her, to which I answered I want to go to small towns she knows well, rather than famous spots.

So we went to the market first nearby, to pick up vegetables, fish etc.  Market is always a lot of fun for me, and we plan to go to even larger one on Saturday.  Then we walked around the area a bit, came home to have lunch of pork -famous in this area- with nice Italian bread.  After I worked for a while on PC, we set out another short trip to La Castellina which is very charming town. We walked around, check espresso maker, and other kitchen items.

We then came back home, and left for a walk before it gets dark and cold. It was so refreshing and relaxing. (No wonder I slept so well until 6 am this morning when alarm went off.)

We cooked fish we bought at the market with wine.  The day 2 was another relaxing and refreshing day.