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Since I came to Palm Desert, California, almost a week ago, I have done three teleconferences with Tokyo (in addition to the one from LA before I came here) and joined pre-birthday Happy Hour with lady friends from Vancouver. (in addition to daily workout which I dare not miss wherever I go!).
Besides that, I spent most of my time, working on programming for beginners I take online.
The weather here began as usual with 90s, but it turned very cool (for here to 70s and high 60s!) and gusty. It has been very sunny which is great, but with gust, I was quite cold (I brought T shirt etc., more for summer weather…)
So I did not drive my rental cal much and ate lot of takeout food while I was working on my skill on terrace. It has taken so much time that I ended up doing almost nothing else.
I had wondered why I am doing that in the desert, but with the nice view of the golf course and time to myself, it worked fine. (I still have more weeks to go and cannot relax as I realize how much time it takes to learn!)
Here is a short video I made. Take a look .

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